Rose City Blues



This year we are using a sliding scale for passes! There are only a limited number of passes at each tier. If you are able and willing to purchase your pass at a higher tier, awesome! That will leave spots open for those who may not be able to afford the higher price points. Payment is through Eventbrite Payment Processing. If that doesn’t work for you, please contact us at and we can arrange another form of payment.

All Access Pass: Grants you access to all Workshops, Dances, Live Music, and includes daytime snacks and late night meals each night.

Dance Only Pass: Grants you access to all evening Dances, Live Music, and late night meals. Does not include any daytime workshops.

Music Lovers Pass: Grants you access to the main evening dances, including a beginner lesson each night before the dance, dancing 9pm-1am, our Live Music main acts, performances, and competition finals. Full weekend, and individual night passes available.

One Day Workshops Pass: Grants you access to ONE full day of workshops and daytime snacks. Choice of Saturday or Sunday. Does not include the evening dance. Individual classes will be available at the door.

One Night Dance Pass: Grants you access to ONE night of dancing from 9pm to 4am, including a beginner lesson before the dance, Live Music, and a late night meal. Choice of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Does not include the daytime workshops.

Late Late Night Dance Pass: Grants you access to ONE late evening of dancing from 12am to 4am, including Live Music and a late night meal. Come close out the night with us! Choice of Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.


Portland locals! Want to make it easier, more affordable, and more welcoming for folks traveling from out of town? Offer to host a dancer or four! Your couch, your guest room, or even an empty corner of the living room could house a dancer for the weekend.

Here's the housing offer form:

To make the event more accessible, we're continuing the full-service housing matching we've done in years past! This means that we will help you find a place to stay with a local dancer while you’re in Portland. Please submit all housing requests by November 25th

Here's the guest request form:


It takes a lot of different skills to make Rose City run! We will have a range of roles to fill, including things like: registration, set up/clean up, drivers for instructors and staff, and food prep. Let us know what experience and skills you can contribute to the team and we’ll try to utilize you the best we can. We have a lot of people interested in volunteering, so we may not be able to accommodate everyone. If selected, keep an eye out for emails regarding scheduled shifts or questions about your availability. Please email if you have any questions or concerns.

If you're interested in volunteering in exchange for a partial or full pass, fill out our Volunteer application Here.


Rose City Blues is offering up to Five (5) Workshop Passes for low-income dancers dedicated to furthering their training in blues dancing. Scholarship recipients will pay $60 (the cost of a dance-only pass) and receive a full weekend pass. For the first time, Rose City Blues is also offering up to Five (5) All Access Passes this year, for those who wish to immerse themselves in blues dancing and may not otherwise be able to! Scholarship recipients will be expected to attend at least Five (5) workshops throughout the event.

Questions? Please contact us at

Apply for a Scholarship Here!

Safer Spaces Policy and Code of Conduct

Rose City Blues is an event that aims to be safe for people with marginalized identities, including People of Color, Queer People, and People with Disabilities. This means first and foremost that bigotry or harassment of any kind is not tolerated. The Rose City Blues organizers and the Portland Blues & Jazz Dance Society are committed to providing a welcoming social dance experience for everyone regardless of dance ability, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age, religion, economic status or culture.

Some ways in which we embody these values:

We do not tolerate dancing which puts you, your partner, or the people around you at risk of physical injury. To this end, we do not allow lifts or aerials on the social dance floor, and we encourage all dancers to ask for a shift in connection or an end to the dance if something feels physically uncomfortable or dangerous about a dance connection.

We expect everyone to use good consent practices both in our venue and in the broader world. This includes asking for the type of dance or interaction you would like to have, looking for verbal and non-verbal communication, and respecting and affirming one another, whether the answer received is a yes or a no.

We recognize the origins of blues dancing in African American culture and lived experience. We work to honor that legacy and to find our place in a living tradition through study, reflection, and acknowledgement of both historical and contemporary cultural context.

Degendering all activities so that anyone feels safe to participate in any way, including dance roles, teaching, volunteering and organization positions, and participation in space.

Engaging in reflection and growth in the ways that we uphold oppression and being open to feedback in what we can do better.

If you experience or see anything questionable, please let someone on the Rose City Blues team know. We also recognize that we as organizers are part of a society that marginalizes people, and may replicate that without being aware of the impact of our actions. We are always open to feedback and appreciate the trust you place in us to grow. Thanks for helping keep Rose City Blues a safer and more welcoming space for all!

Some of the wording in this document was repurposed from Mile High Blues, and the Rose City Blues team would like to express our gratitude.